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Industrial Sector

IEDI, a research institute focused on indusrial development issues, elaborated a series of topics to form a program to surmount the main barries to economy, which is going to contribute on building the basis for a long term expansion, as follows:

Our company’s mission, within the areas of work, offers solutions to the item 4 directly, and faces the challenges of the item 8, without being careless with item 9 risks – let’s recap:

Provide an efficient and accurate tax planning, which allows a company to recover paid taxes it is eligible to, reducing the impact of the tax generation ocurrence. It is clear, cristal and transparent that tax payers have rights to take actions in favor of their businesses, looking for not paying unnecessary taxes or reducing the tax burden they are exposed to, as long as they do that in accordance with the legal precepts, acting legally and with any harm to the law..

In addition to being in accordance with the law, any tax planning, in our opinion, can only be built from a global analysis of a company, from their raw materials purchases, passing through their industrial processes, manufacturing and value-adding activities until the sales policies and practices.

Regarding the ICMS tax, the laws in some states allow credits to be traded or transferred between different companies, and even auctions may take place, as it recently happened in São Paulo. Other states restrain such operations with ICMS credits, which make them almost unfeasible to be managed though.

However, there are few activities where restrains do not apply and accrued tax credits from ICMS various payments can be used to offset new ICMS payments, by using credits from third parties in operations which have been successfully conducted by our company. Remembering thatall of those procedures have been executed in accordance with legal determinations from states’ Exchequer authorities.

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